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Rock for People is proud to announce FOALS!

These indie rockers hail to Oxford, Britain, and RfP will be the first to welcome them to the Czech Republic.They were founded in 2005 by their first singer Andrew Mears. It was originally meant to be a side project for his main band Youthmovies, where he later returned after two years. Apart from Mears, the band was made up of guitarist Jimmy Smith and bassist Walter Gervers, who at the time were a part of small-time band Face Meets Grill.

Jack Bevan, Lina Simon and future singer Yannis Philippakis joined the Foals after leaving the cult math rock band The Edmund Fitzgerald. They joined the Foals because they began to resent the often overly serious and complicated math rock style. In their words, they wanted to actually “have some fun” while playing.

A member of a well-known Czech band remembers one incident in 2007, when she was playing at renowned British festival Bestival. At the time, Foals were playing at a small stage late at night, when the festival’s stars had just finished playing. Meanwhile, Foals were working on their debut album and things started to get real for them.

Their album Antidotes came out in March 2008 and peaked at number three in the UK Albums Chart. Foals gained a wide British fanbase as well as a good name for themselves. They found a reliable crew, such as Dave Ma, who directed all of their music videos and their graphics designer Tinhead.

After lots of touring the band released another album a year later, named Total Life Forever (2009). Although it didn’t reach the top charts, it was well received by most fans and even nominated for the Mercury Prize.

Foals’ very distinctive music combines original rhythms and sophisticated instrumental finesse with the unmistakable charisma of Yannis Philippakis, whose unmistakable voice is said to break hearts and unhook bras. Well done!

This year they released Holy Fire, with world-famous song My Number. It reached number three in the UK albums chart and even number one in Australia. The band will be the headliners of various British festivals and is getting ready to lead the world’s indie pop scene.

The album was well received by the Guardian and the Telegraph raved about their recent live concert at
Albert Hall: “Their sound was rich throughout, with thumping drums and crunching guitars that would have made U2 blush. […] If this was a dry run for Foals’ busy summer, then roll on the festival season.” And we’re glad that Rock for People’s fans will be there to see it!


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