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Meet&Greet with Steven at 1:45!

Steven Seagal will have meet&greet with you at 1:45 in Merchendising tent!

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Steven Seagal will perform at 0:30!

Steven Seagal and his band are already in the Festivalpark. He will perform at 0:30 at the Redbull Tourbus Stage!

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Steven Seagal will preform at midnight!

Dear friends,
there are some traffic problems in Frace so Steven Seagal is not able to play his planned gig at 7:10 p.m. on Starompramen stage. Fortunately the team of Steven Seagal has been co-operating with our team and another time of his show has been settled. The show is planned  on Red Bull Tour Bus at 00:05. Keep checking out web, FB, Google+ and so on.

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Refundable garbage bag deposit system for all campsite visitors
  • Each visitor to the campsites gets a garbage bag and a coupon. The refundable deposit of 50,-CZK is payable at the point of sale or at the point where you collect your camp wristband.

  • If you have already filled your garbage bag before your departure, you can take it to the dedicated place nearby each camp reception where you will get a new bag and keep the coupon.  

  • Before you leave the campsite, please return your filled bag to the reception of any camp site together with your coupon. Your deposit will be refunded
    (50,- CZK) and your camp wristband will be cut off.
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We are bringing you two delicatessen: Angel at my table and Paceshifters

As our festival managers have been successful in negotiations, two last bands have been added to the Zoot Stage programme – two extremely  talented groups from Benelux. Meet Angel at my table from Luxembourg and Paceshifters from the Netherlands.

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Comfortable shopping in ENAPO grocery shop situated in 24hours zone

ENAPO will open for the Rock for People visitors the grocery shop again. The last year´s concept that was positively accepted will offer the possibility to go shopping in the 24hours zone.

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Things you should know about the festival Rock for People 2014 part II

This year's headliner MANU CHAO with his new band LA VENTURA will bring the true summer atmosphere. Ska fever will be spread by the legendary MADNESS and the heat will definitely rise during the show of BIFFY CLYRO – kings of the current rock´n´roll – who are the headliners at the American festival Coachelle. 

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Things you should know about the festival Rock for People 2014 part I

The festival Rock for People celebrates its 20th birthday this year – celebration will take place in the Festivalpark in Hradec Králové (at the airport) from 3rd to 5th July. The Party on Wednesday 2nd July is intended for those who are too impatient to wait until the official beginning of the festival and need music. The end of the festival is settled on Sunday 6th July at dawn.

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